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007C. An Interview With Zak Aghbal on Major Life Changes

“Once you face death, the fear of it is gone. Why is it gone? Because the fear of death comes from the fact that you’re not accepting death. So the acceptance of death is the freedom from it, in a way.” -Zak Aghbal

007B. A Conversation on Major Life Changes

“Each day we are presented with new information, and this may or may not prompt us to reassess our perspectives or paths. When they do, though, that’s when these major life changes are more likely to happen.” -Wesley Jackson “It’s important because it causes us to understand what truly matters. It causes you to clarify…

007A. Embracing Major Life Changes: The Opportunity in Chaos

“Overcoming this obstacle wasn’t so much of a single event as it was a journey. Physical healing wasn’t the only thing I needed, as the emotional side proved to be just as challenging.” -Wesley Jackson

006D. Newsletter Highlights: July 2023

“Remember, growth is a journey, not a destination.” – Wesley Jackson

006C. An Interview With Kevin Palmieri and Elijah Desmond on Positive Growth Mindsets

“Having a fixed mindset seems like it keeps you safe, but the more you are open to the growth that comes with the feedback, the more successful you’re going to be.” – Kevin Palmieri “Embrace the suck.” – Elijah Desmond

006B. A Conversation on Positive Growth Mindsets

“You can get through life growing by accident, but it’s much more powerful to grow intentionally and to understand the process of improvement, recognizing mistakes, and treating them as an opportunity for growth.” – Wesley Jackson “There’s also just in general, a growth mindset that helps you learn how to learn. And that’s a skill…

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